We build Python, Django Web Apps for agencies, startups, small and mid market companies

Who we are

We are a web/mobile development company based in Jaipur, India. We specialize in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Reactjs, Apache Solr, CI/CD and AWS. We have worked in verticals like insurance, real estate, medical, wellness, enterprise as well as social. We have worked with clients from the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Skilled team

With several years of experience, we have the necessary skills, expertise and track record to be one of the finest Python web development agencies across the world.

Agile approach

Our top down planning and fast, bottom up, iterative, milestone based approach to development has brought a smile of delight to many of our clients faces.

High quality code

We write high quality, standard compliant code and use code reviews, linting tools and automated testing (CI/CD) to deliver only the best

No overheads

Our comprehensive upfront planning, deep dive in your business domain and constant updates/communication makes sure there are no gaps in our understanding, hence avoiding any overheads

More about us


We offer custom software solutions for real world business problems.

Solution Architecture

We believe that a problem well understood is half the problem solved. We spend time with the business stakeholders (client or their employees) to understand the problem in depth and then combine those learnings with what we are best at - tech, to architect and design custom tailored tech solutions for your business

Agile Project Management

We manage projects for our clients, from start to finish. We define the scope, divide the scope into phases, phases into milestones and milestones into agile sprints. Ensuring smooth & timely development and delivery of features. We use agile methods like daily scrum, bi-weekly sprints and retrospectives.

Data Modeling

Designing futuristic data models with a solid business logic understanding in our minds, is one of our core expertise. We know how to model the data with best principles & practices for long term sturdiness, ease of access, minimization of write & query overheads.

Scalable Backend Development

We code with scalability in mind. We want and we know that when your business grows, the tech solution will face the challenges of scalability, we factor thoughts into the development from day 1. We have several guidelines and principles in our arsenal that helps write a scalable solution and we keep ourselves updated with the latest in the field.

Frontend Development

We do frontend with technologies like Bootstrap, Vuejs, Reactjs


We manage AWS EC2 & RDS instances for our clients. We offer services right from creating the instance to setting it up, securing it, dockerizing, monitoring and optimizing it.

Mobile Apps

We do native development for Android and ReactNative development for cross platform apps.

Maintenance and Refresh

We offer long term maintenance, additions, updations and refresh of legacy systems that are of critical importance to your business

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Don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients are saying

They were meticulous and completed everything to the best of their ability.They were very persistent and did a good job. Their attention to detail was particularly strong among companies in their region, and they always tried to do things correctly. They're a solid development team. Make your requirements as clear as possible and be ready for good technical interactions.

Urijah Kaplan
CEO, Triplepoint Software

The team was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of digital and development.

William Chen
Founder, Muchie

They quickly became a critical part of our early-stage startup team, leading the development of a complex, large-scale architecture dealing with Twitter conversation about local businesses and events. They reliable, trustworthy, and a nice people to work with. I feel comfortable that they have the best interests of our company in mind. They're a pleasure to work with from a business and personal perspective.

Mark Soper
Founder, Rally

Our business would not have existed without Samuditha.

Sam Johnson
Founder, Feedbackloop

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